Goradil Mountain House


Summer Rhapsody of a Country House. The main idea of Goradil Mountain House is to create a sense of harmonious unity between architecture and nature. This project was a creative challenge for us, but we were able to fully meet the expectations of the customer. The minimalist Goradil Mountain House, designed in white colour and featured with remarkable geometric elements of chocolate shades, is the dominant architectural composition. The natural landscape of the site is distinguished by an elevation difference and this allowed us to beat the space with terraces, stairs and fanciful steps. On the territory there is a mini sports ground with various exercise equipment. In the lounge area there is an unusual outdoor pool, the lower part of which is made of glass, and a fireplace surrounded by sofas, along the perimeter «drowned» podium. Goradil Mountain House is designed for people leading an active and healthy lifestyle. They are open to new things and love big family holidays.