Office Design


Loft In Gray Tones The interior of the office can tell a lot about the character and business status of its owner, so in our project we have tried to express the identity of the customer as accurately and extensively as possible. The concept of the office, where employees' working places, meeting rooms, executive offices and reception area are located, we have made in a loft style with memorable accents. The basis of the color scheme was dark gray, black and brown - it does not distract attention from the working process, and at the same time provides space, volume and depth. The result was an extremely modern, comfortable and functional interior, in which there were many bright elements of technical constructions, metal, fair-faced concrete, glass partitions and forms of furniture with correct geometric shapes. The warm tones to this brutal interior add red bricks and precious wood panels in light brown color, as well as, strict but soft sofas and leather terracotta armchairs of the wall decoration. The futuristic shapes of the lamps and many elements of the phyto-odizayne are harmoniously integrated in the interior, and perfectly contrast with the dark color scheme.