An unusual interior with a marble accent


Noble gray, dark chocolate, a little gold and a bright splash of terracotta are the character of the interior that we have created for the extravagant lady. Her life is full of special events, so the bedroom is supposed to be a place for relaxing and being with yourself. To achieve this desire we have chosen a combination of the best natural materials - wood, marble, metal, fire and water. On a large area we placed all the necessary sites: a place for sleep, rest, closet, fireplace and bathroom. The most thoughtful place is a marble bathroom, so we placed it behind a huge glass panel, in front of which is a long rectangular fireplace. For the final event of the day we have chosen a luxurious bed, upholstered in suede color of terracotta. Above it is an installation in the form of a long winding tape that brings pacification and beautiful dreams.