Residential complex Nasimi Residence


Residential Towers of Baku For one of the urban areas of the capital, we have created a project of a residential complex Nasimi Residence, consisting of two different-level towers, united by a monolithic lower part. Expressive clear outlines and ultramodern views fit perfectly into the surrounding urban space. We have made the Nasimi Residence architecture textured and contrasting in color, and have deliberately created different heights of towers in order to avoid visual static. The bottom uniting monolith and the top of the towers are decorated in a dark color which contrasts with the light façade. The grid of windows and balconies is separated by verticals and traced separately. Having visually isolated the courtyard, we divided the internal space of the Nasimi Residence into active and quiet parts, and placed the courtyard with greenery. This residential complex allows its residents to disconnect from the bustling metropolis environment and spend their free time in silence and comfort.