Birch Alley Office Complex


For businessmen who value comfort The history of the Birch Alley office complex, consisting of two buildings, turned out unusual. First of all we took into account the geographical location and features of the surrounding space, and as a result we have a project that fits perfectly into the landscape and looks spectacular at any time of the year. Birch Alley is built in such a way that noisy motorways do not interfere with the measured operation of businessmen. We found a successful architectural decision - huge sloping roofs that visualize visible protection from the outside world, which creates an amazing atmosphere of peace and privacy. We placed two buildings of the office complex Birch Alley opposite each other, and between them we created a small square and filled it with aesthetic objects - gazebos, benches, beautiful lawns and laconic vegetation. To create a lively, organic architectural environment, we deliberately chose a chalet-style country. Business is incredibly difficult, intellectually and emotionally demanding work and we didn’t want to immerse employees into the aesthetic environment of glass and metal. Birch Alley is chosen by the businessmen who approach their work creatively!