Shuvelyan Grandee Villa


Respectability and Sustainability. The customer told us about his dream house, which should be respectable, functional and ecological! Recently, we often receive such wishes, when the future owners prefer to build and decorate their homes exclusively from natural and environmentally beneficial materials. Thus appeared our project Shuvelyan Grandee Villa, in which we have brought to life all wishes of the customer. The façade of the Shuvelyan Grandee Villa is made in light, pastel colours decorated with contrasting vertical elements made of cinnamon wood. In this way, we have achieved robust construction and respectability. The building is designed in such a way that the large outdoor, wood-trimmed terrace, which is located in the backyard, is visually combined with the pool due to the continued wooden interior. Shuvelyan Grandee Villa is a space filled with an atmosphere of peace, comfort and unity with nature.