Royal Cypress Villa


A Symbol of eternal life and power Our Royal Cypress Villa project became the architectural expression of a long communication with the customer. As a result, we had great pleasure from the creative work, and the customer got a comfortable, modern and spectacular villa, for which we even invented a new term - southern minimalism. Unlike the pastel North European, southern minimalism is extremely contrasting, like a bright sun and thick shadow. White façade with panoramic windows and clear geometric lines create a sense of aristocratic elegance. As a bright landscape accent that saturates space with color and space, we have chosen cypresses, which are a symbol of power and youth. The backside of the Royal Cypress Villa almost repeats the minimalist facade, but we have softened the strict lines by placing a swimming pool in front of the building and a large lounge area with an open fireplace. Royal Cypress Villa is the best place for those who appreciate beautiful, comfortable life!