Solveig Villa


A simple house not for an ordinary people The customers have posed a very interesting challenge to us - they need a house that will not distract them from the nature! We were inspired by the genius music of Edward Grieg and created Solveig Villa! Strict light façade, accentuated by contrasting vertical lines, few wooden elements and a lot of glass, which lets in summer the sun rays into the interior, and in the winter months covered with fancy patterns of rain drops. Solveig Villa is architecturally unique, because we have not added it into the natural environment, but have made a point of reference, around which we have created dense thickets from various plants resembling fairy-tale forests of Norway. We have fulfilled the wishes of customers - from now on, crossing the threshold of their home they immediately fall into the power of trees and shrubs, and in the center of this green realm burns the warmest hearth, giving its warmth to the whole family.