The epitome of modern luxury


It is impossible to convey the visual meaning of this room by ordinary architectural terms «entrance zone» or «hall», so we have come up with the most accurate definition for it - a portal to the fashionable space, which turned out to be palatial and majestic, full of luxurious details and accents. The noble warm beige that we have chosen for the primary color sets a high tone for all the elements that are present here. The walls are covered with decorative designer plaster in the form of immense, lush leaves. A huge, monumental staircase looks royal and parade, but transparent glass and matte gold minimize the massiveness of this structure. The floor is covered with expensive Italian marble, which reflects the glare of luxury lamps and dynamic tracery installation. One of the bright accents of this space is a marble console based on golden leaves. This house, filled with art treasures, is designed for people with high status and eclectic taste.