Manhattan chic with a flamboyant character


For creating a chic interior in the style of expensive Manhattan apartments, we were inspired by a charismatic customer who has a delicate taste and appreciates modern art. Brevity of the decisions, expensive decorative materials and unique design accents became the basis of our project. Thanks to the combination of three main colors - red, black and white, we have achieved a fabulous interior experience, and also symmetrical and asymmetrical geometric lines in the decor of the floor and walls. On the graphite surface of a large dining table reflects the bright lights of the unusually long lamp and the burning glares of the fireplace. The entrance was decorated with an avant-garde statue of a female figure. It is located in a dark red niche framed in black and white, and this bright palette sets a high aesthetic tone to the whole space. In the interior of the kitchen room there is nothing superfluous - everything is optimized and thought through to the details. The only frivolous detail which brings the creative suggestions - copper-colored metal lamps in the form of mushroom hats.