The Neoclassicism as the 21st Century Renaissance


To make the customer feel himself in his elements, we offered him an interior decorated in the style of modern classics. Thanks to the soft, refined palette, the project turned out to be elegant and aristocratic. Now, many people prefer to combine the living room, dining room and kitchen areas into a single whole. But, having examined the customer’s desire, we offered him a classic solution - to unleash on this space only the living room and dining room. The uniting architectural elements here are the ceiling with a solid oval cavity made of marble and accentuated with gold molding, columns, pilasters, arched structures, cornices and fine stucco, which harmoniously combine with paintings and crystal. The dining group is represented by a marble table, over which we placed two luxurious cascading chandeliers. Their ceremonial splendour is slightly softened by a lamp in the form of golden branches with crystal pendants, which are located above sofas and chairs, made of vanilla leather.