Harmony of classics, minimalism and art deco


To our client, who prefers a restrained classic, we have proposed an ideal compromise - interior «in between», in which classic, minimalist and art deco elements coexist and interact. As the main color palette we have chosen fashionable grease, giving the interior a strict elegance. The living room space is formed by a luxurious sofa, armchairs, a table with a white marble washbasin and bedside table in an Art Deco-style decorated with stylized golden-mirror scales. For a light solution to the sofa area, we have chosen a unique lamp in the form of golden branches with sparkling crystal pendants. All pieces of furniture in the house have a concise geometry, emphasized by designer lamps and this adds to the interior a visual harmony. One of the most striking accents was the Art Deco console in the entrance area, above which is a circular mirror consisting of symbolic fragments bounded with gold metal and two wall lamps in the form of snakes. Thanks to the classical elements in the design of the walls and cornices, embellished with molding, a unified architectural narrative appears, expressing the exquisite inner world of the people living here.