Triumph of postmodernism


Freedom, creativity, dynamics, diversity, contrast - following all the customer’s wishes, we have expressed in our postmodern interior with constructivist accents and powerful rhythms. We filled the house with life and it turned out to be figurative, emotional and memorable. To create such a bright interior we used stone, glass, wood, metal, mirrors, textured fabrics. Furniture pieces of various shapes and materials impress with their extravagance. Stunning sculptures and immense avant-garde paintings enhance the shocking impression from the interior, while bright lighting allows you to consider even the most shaded nuances of this postmodern quest. In the entrance area, you are greeted by a designer «tweak» - a real tree that grows in a glass column and adds to the atmosphere of wildlife to this realm of enchanting creativity. Rhythm, contrast, saturation - this is the lifestyle of our customer, for whom we have created a passionate house with an original architecture and spectacular interiors.