The Marble Empire


The concept of this interior has become the expression of the life philosophy of our customer, so we have found the decision in the best traditions of high art. The spacious core of the house is a luxury geometric staircase with marble steps, but due to the glass enclosing it feels like it is floating in the open volume of the entrance area. The ground floor is represented by ceremonial chambers - a sitting room with a fireplace and a dining room. Separate kitchen area is high, almost from the floor to the ceiling with a glass door made of precious wood, richly decorated with marble and is so solemn that it deserves the status of a small hall. The prevailing light tone of the living room and dining room creates a unique atmosphere, which, like the royal crown, is crowned by three hand-made round lamps, lighting the sofa and fireplace areas, and a unique installation in the form of crystal fish, Located over an epic 20 person table with a luxury marble countertop. This interior is designed for those who measure their lives by historical epochs and appreciate such eternal materials as marble.