An Aristocratic Eclectic Style


The wishes of the customer could not fit in one style and then we decided to mix classics, modern, art deco, Provence styles by adding a drop of Mediterranean and a pinch of Hygge. As a result, we got an eclectic collection worthy of aristocrats. The living-room and dining-room spaces impress with its solemn atmosphere - panoramic windows, floor made of precious marble, onyx panel, emphasizing the height and luxury of the room, decorated with mirror metal balcony of the second floor, giant arches - all these architectural elements are an excellent background for decorative filling. Bizarrely curved sofas in the almond and avocado colors, the pearly and white armchairs set for a pleasant rest, and a marble table dining group with unusual chairs and white piano as if it is waiting for a festive feast. The small, hygge-style living room and Provence style kitchenette are in perfect contrast with the front living and dining areas. It’s a very different world and a very cozy, homey atmosphere, woven from nice family dinners and intimate conversations by the fireplace. The interior of this house, as a true aristocrat, can be elevated and refined, and at the same time very romantic and simple.