An Aesthetic Interior in Blue and White Tones


To create an interior for a great expert and appreciator of constructivism and art of the beginning of XX century was a difficult, but a very fascinating task. We got an elegant stylish interior villa in the modernist approach of the mid-20th century. The lounge, combined with the dining room, occupies the central volume. Space is enclosed by large glass doors through which you can get into the entrance area and to other rooms. Our main palette was ivory color and different shades of blue, which create an atmosphere of a light nostalgia for the past epoch. The dining group consists of a copyright table with a wooden desk and a base of brass tubes. The portrait of a young girl and the large circular lights in the eastern style give this area a soft lyrical mood. One of the walls of this space, decorated with an abstract print, became a bright, memorable art object. On the second floor, which leads to a concise, elegant staircase, there are private rooms - bedrooms, wardrobe and fitness area. To appreciate such a kind of the interior can only intellectuals with a delicate taste.